giving back

Arts & Wellness


While we typically share the Havenstone property with our paying clients, we know there are many others that would benefit from time spent here. We also know that these very people that might benefit most are often not in a position to reserve our venue. One such group are the creative, passionate, and caring souls in the arts and wellness communities. Both are near and dear to our hearts and we'd like to extend them an ongoing special opportunity.


If you are a creator of any kind or a wellness advocate that inspires the physical and mental health of others, our property is available free for your use if it will help you. If you're a painter that needs some inspiration, a song writer that needs a soothing space, a yoga instructor that wants to simply connect with our natural beauty, or someone that just needs the right spot to meditate: let us know.


After submitting your request below, we will review your information to ensure your request matches the spirit of our intent. From there, we will send you a link to an online scheduler that will let you reserve one hour of time within the next 7 days of whenever you use it. Assuming your first session goes well, this will be a continued offer for you.


All reservations require a signed contract and are complementary (100% free), but abuse can lead to removal from the program. The only exception to using the Havenstone for free is if you are planning to host an event where your guests will be paying. In these cases, we typically learn more about the event and determine the best path forward. Do NOT let this keep you from applying below. Our true intent is to give you an opportunity; not prohibit you from having one.


So fill out the form below and we will get back with you ASAP! And don't forget to include any questions you might have...