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the perfect setting for your perfect day

What We Offer

The Havenstone is not your classic reception hall that simply offers a nicely landscaped spot outside for wedding ceremonies. Of course your reception should be fun and memorable - after all, you're celebrating your wedding! You'll likely (and rightfully) invite your entire family and many friends and spend a fair amount of time and money on this celebration because your wedding ceremony is a pretty big deal. Such a big deal, in fact, that a place called the Havenstone makes the actual wedding the center of its focus.


There is nothing more important on your wedding day than the ceremony itself. It needs to look the way you've imagined it for all these years, feel like magic as you unite with your other half, and the memories of it should be so vivid that you can be easily transported back to one of the happiest moments of your life for decades to come. 


The Havenstone exists to accommodate your vision and to serve as the perfect setting for your perfect day. Your time here is what you will celebrate at your reception and what you will capture most with your photography and videography investment. It's the photos from this moment that will be saved above all others for generations to come. That's why we're honored that your considering us.


We offer both traditional wedding ceremonies and elopements for our newlyweds and couples renewing their vows. Each of these is presented as a simple package with an option for any additional time you might need to enjoy the best day of your life. But those details can wait. We should first spend some time in the Quarry...

The Quarry

Our primary event space is a pre-civil war sandstone quarry, simply known as "the Quarry." This is the feature that started it all, and it's what separates the Havenstone from everyone else. While there are many natural and staged features throughout our 18 acre property, the Quarry is the most unique, and offers a feeling and setting that you will not find anywhere else...


The C-shaped rock wall that defines the Quarry surrounds its visitors with a natural beauty that transitions between a variety of aesthetics,  despite some being only feet apart:


  • decades-old moss in a thick, green blanket

  • massive, hand cut platforms where the stonework stopped over a century ago

  • sheer walls with a darkened surface from over 100 years of exposure to the elements

  • a waterfall that softly cascades into the stone-lined fish pond below


Everyone seems to have their own "favorite" part of the Quarry. In fact, we don't require any certain feature to serve as the backdrop of your ceremony. We'd prefer that you pick the area that speaks to you the most, and let us work with you to make it work. With different aisle options and a wide open area, we're confident that we can bring your vision to life.


If you have a different area of the Havenstone property that you'd rather use, we're open to that as well. With our variety of staged and natural settings throughout the property, we know that sometimes people are drawn to one specific feature. If that's the case for you, just let us know during your private tour and we will get to work on planning how to make it work. That being said, it's hard to imagine anything more perfect than the Quarry.

"beautifully silent; the rocks mixed with the soft sound of water trickling (from the waterfall) is breath taking"


"serene, picturesque, unique, secluded"


"the possibilities are truly endless in this space”


"the Quarry wall will have you in AWE"